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On the road to rebuilding the relationship between man and nature

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The idea

This journey is a story. The story of men and women trying to rebuild their relationship with the natural world, and of the natural world fighting for its survival.


It is a reportage that is leading us to the discovery of animal and plant species that are in danger of disappearing, a natural world that is seeing a piece of its identity stolen day after day, and of which we want to be the voice.


Since July 2022 we have been travelling along the Pan-American Highway, known for being the longest road in the world, with the goal of documenting the ecological crisis and loss of biodiversity in 14 countries: from Alaska to Argentina.

Climb aboard aVANdiscovery with us. 


Together we will meet people, associations, small and large communities guardians of indigenous traditions and innovation. We'll explore incredible places, leading you on an adventure that will change your way of thinking and put resilience back at the center of your and our lives with the ultimate goal of taking care of the Planet and ourselves

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The mapped kilometers and an unspecified number of Km more to discover

Foto aerea di una foresta


The States through the Pan-American Highway



The% of humans over the tens of millions of living species that inhabit the Earth 

The Goal

WANE is a field study during which:

we collect stories and best practices to understand how the relationship between humans and nature has changed;


we shine a light on the importance of biodiversity;


we seek to understand how we can help increase people's sensitivity to the ecological crisis;

"One of the first 

conditions of

happiness is that the bond between

man and nature

should not be broken".

Leo Tolstoy

Valeria Barbi_edited.jpg

"It is our responsibility to establish a new relationship with nature.
To do so, we must first invent a new way of being human."

Valeria Barbi


They talk about us

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