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The Team



Politologist and Natural Scientist

Ideator and Scientific Coordinator of WANE - We Are Nature Expedition

Expert on biodiversity, climate change and the relationship between man and nature in the Anthropocene. Lecturer and Speaker.


Explorer and scientific disseminator.

Author of "What is biodiversity, today", Ed. Ambiente.

She has been nominated EU Climate Pact Ambassador by the European Commission and Hummingbird of Honor by Save The Planet.


Everything she does, and everything she says, is aimed at continuing to live on a planet where there will always be paths crossed by elephants.

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Computer scientist

Photographer and Technical Manager of WANE - We Are Nature Expedition


Expert in Cloud Technologies and Data Management. Passionate about cartography and contributor to OpenStreetMap.


Sailor for passion. He thinks that only in the boat this love can be consumed to the fullest. Backpacker, in everyday life he is an urban cyclist always looking for new adventures.

He has made curiosity his main characteristic.

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Adventurer and famous leaf hunter

He is small but has a giant's personality. He will do anything to defend his pack.


His name means "joy" in Setswana, a Bantu language of southern Africa.



Our home and our office for an entire year.


A van equipped to travel to unexplored and out-of-the-way places.


Here our journey will be transformed into words and video.

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